Conquering My Daddy Issues


I recently I had an incident with My Significant other that triggered something deep within me. I hate my birthday. For many years I didn’t know why that was. It was in therapy recently that I realized that I hated my birthday because of my parents… Continue Reading

Finding your Happiness

finding your happiness

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I have to be in charge of my own happiness. and the Only Validation for that Happiness or personal growth has to only come from me. It seems that the more I seek internal peace and personal growth there are people around me who like to pigeon-hold me in the past. And the truth be told I am the Valuable asset of our Friendships. Continue Reading

Did You Miss Me?

If you have been reading the site or better yet re-reading you might have noticed that we made a few minor adjustments to what’s going on right now. Although we haven’t done an official relaunch and this is kind of a soft porn version of the hard way to go that’s to follow. I got sick and tired of posting dummy text and foolishness on the site in an effort to make sure everything is up and running. Continue Reading

Marriage Rihanna Style


Out of the mouth of this Babes..with my mother’s pending nuptials set to go off this weekend.

I thought it was interesting when I came across Rihanna’s recent “Interview” Magazine’s well, interview which was conducted by friend and label mate Kanye West, Continue Reading

How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage


Not that you need a reason to do something that feels good but a Scalp Massage is a way to give yourself a treat. Honestly I wish it is something that I would do more.

There are several benefits to doing a scalp massage but the ones that has convinced me in the past to add it to my beauty regiment are these. Scalp Massage promote hair growth so by promoting blood flow to your follicles. Scalp Massages relieve stress and tension. Continue Reading

Grey Goose Cocktail Martini Dolce La Poire


Recently I found myself at YRB’s Summer Fashion Preview with Miguel as it’s host. I do absolutely love Miguel and I adore fashion, but Open Bar are like my two favorite words.

Well since, Martini and Rossi Moscato was their sponsor we were treated to Moscato, which I absolutely HATE… I find it asinine that because a rapper says it in his song I must want to drink it. Anyhoo. Continue Reading

Products for Natural Hair Care


I get so excited when I walk around my little Brooklyn and I see people who like me are starting their natural hair care journey. If you have been following the site for a while you might remember a while back in a post I told you guys that I had stopped relaxing my hair for several at that time 6 months. Continue Reading

Curly Weave Blend

Curly weave Blend

As I told you in indique hair review, and in my previously natural post. I have once again stopped perming my hair. My last relaxer was had on February 1 and the following week I cut my hair down to about 2 inches. Continue Reading

Finding your Inspiration-Sponsored Post


In this high paced high pressured world when we are bombarded with all sorts of new gadgets and do-hickeys that not only fight for our attention, but make demands on our time it’s hard to find the little joys of life things that give us the inspiration to strive to be the best Us we can be. Continue Reading

Dark Girls Rule Colorism In America


I come from a family where color WAS a factor. I never thought about it, never had to, the ideals were thrust upon me. I come from a family of predominantly light skinned people.

My mother had fair skin. I remember being really young and asking her if she were white.

The ignorance of youth. Although I was darker than my mother, or shall I say got darker over time. My sister was darker still. And in my family she was more desired. How’s that for a switch. Continue Reading

Hennessy Berry Cocktail


The Mixologist over at Hennessy are making life a little sweeter for those of us who like to partake, but find the taste of Henny Straight a little bit too overwhelming. With this Berry Remix Cocktail you are able to take it like a man but taste it like a lady… Continue Reading

Color Blocking


So I recently went on a shopping trip with my sister who told me that she will be “Color Blocking” This summer. I have to be honest I missed this trend but apparently all of the cool kids will be wearing blocks of solid colors together. Continue Reading